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UNGRIB issue with GRIB2 dataset


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I am trying to simulate a snow event over North Dakota. I have been using the ERA5-Land dataset. The snow cover data from ERA5-Land comes as GRIB2, although the other variables are in GRIB1. So, I had to make a separate VTABLE only for this variable. Now, I am getting errors while executing UNGRIB. Could you please look into this and tell me what is the problem? And how should I overcome this?


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Can you issue the following from the WPS directory:

./util/g2print.exe <path-to-your-snow-cover-data/input-data-file> >& g2print.txt

and then send that g2print.txt file, as well as your namelist.wps file? Thanks!

Apologies for the late reply. Please find them below.


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Now I must apologize for the long delay in response. I've been out of the office and am trying to get caught up now.

So the error message you're getting is
ERROR: Data not found: 2020-02-06_00:00:00.0000

but when I look at the g2print.txt file you sent, the dates are all "

2020-02-03_00:00:00" with no forecast hour past 24 hours, so the data is only good for Feb 3-4, and since your simulation starts on Feb 6th, the error message is correct. You will need to obtain the data starting with Feb 6, 2020.