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Unit of Lightning flash count

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What is the unit of IC Flash counts or CG Flash counts in the lightning option 11? Anything like flashes/km2/hour?
Please provide your valuable information.

Thank you.
Golam Rabbani
Hi Golam,
The lines below are in the file phys/module_lightning_driver.F.

ic_flashrate(its:ite,jts:jte) = ic_flashrate(its:ite,jts:jte) * flashrate_factor
 cg_flashrate(its:ite,jts:jte) = cg_flashrate(its:ite,jts:jte) * flashrate_factor
 ic_flashcount(its:ite,jts:jte) = ic_flashcount(its:ite,jts:jte) + ic_flashrate(its:ite,jts:jte) * lightning_dt
 cg_flashcount(its:ite,jts:jte) = cg_flashcount(its:ite,jts:jte) + cg_flashrate(its:ite,jts:jte) * lightning_dt

The flashrate_factor and lightning_dt are variables you set in your namelist, so the ultimate answer would be dependent on your settings for these two variables.