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Up to date instructions for compiling WRF/WPS 4.1?

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I'm having a lot of issues getting WRF/WPS Versions 4.1+ to compile. A lot seems to be related to netcdf-4, hdf-5, compressible file formats, etc. From what I can tell, the published tutorial for installing/compiling WRF/WPS is out of date:

E.g. there is no mention of hdf5 libraries, it's still referencing netcdf 4.1.3 when 4.7 is now released, etc.

Is there an up-to-date tutorial for installing/compiling WRF/WPS that accounts for these new features in modern WRF/WPS versions? If not, is one being considered?

Much thanks!
I've found that using EasyBuild makes things a lot easier (at least on larger systems). You install EasyBuild, and then a simple "eb WRF" will do everything. See
Hi optism,

You are correct that the compilation tutorial site uses older versions, but we have found that for simple purposes, it still works just fine. We are able to get the latest versions of WRF compiled with the library tar files and instructions from that page on both Linux and Mac machines. The page is intended for simple builds - not those using larger clusters, or for those who are interested in the compression capabilities with NetCDF-4, which requires HDF5. If you are interested in that, you can find information about that here: