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update the Great Lakes surface temperature

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I'd like to run an experiment with daily lake surface temperature (LST) from satellite observations. I wrote the LST from satellite to the wrflowinp_d0* files and set SST_UPDATE =1. However, the LST in wrflowinp_d0* had no influence on the surface temperature over lakes when I analysis the SST from model output. Any comments or suggestions will be very much appreciated.
Can you upload your wrflowinp, wrfinput, namelist.input, and a few wrfout files for me to take a look? Thanks.

Ming Chen
Hi Ming Chen,

Attached is my namelist.input. I can't add my wrfinput, wrflowinp, and wrfout files to the attachments. Is there an alternative way to send those files to you?
By the way, I have three domains, and I set sst_update =1, in my namlelist file. Should I set sst_update=1,1,1, in order to tell wrf read SST from wrflowinput for the nested domains?



  • namelist.input
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Attached is the comparison between WRF lowinput sst and WRF output sst after 13-day simulation. As you can see, the outer domain has the same SST output as the lowinput sst. But the second and third domains don't have the updated sst.



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Please upload your files following the steps below:
(1) ftp
username: anonymous
passed: email address
cd incoming
put files

Please let me know after you upload your files. Thanks.

Ming Chen
Please change the option in your namelist.input from

auxinput4_interval = 360,


auxinput4_interval = 360, 360, 360

Then try again. Please let me know whether this option fixes the problem.

Ming Chen