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Updated LULC data for WRF simulations



Before I used the default USGS data fpr WRF simulations.

Now, I would like to use the updated LULC data.

Could please anyone explain the steps I need to take for using the updated LULC dataset for WRF simulations? What should I do?

I would lhighly appreciate it.

Thank you.


Actually, I checked WRF guide (Chapter 3: WRF Standard Initialization).

However, I am slightly confused. I understand, that there are two default datasets (USGS(1992-1993) and MODIS(2001)).

But how can I integrate the new dataset? where can I get the updated LULC datasets and how should I process them before converting to binary format and following the procedure described in the users guide?

Also, if I use default MODIS data, are the urban classes (high intensity, low intensity and industrial) considered?

I would appreciate it if someone could help me.
If you are interested in the 30-meter NLCD 2011 land cover, you can find that here (scroll down to the section titled "WPS Geographical Input Data Mandatory for Specific Applications" - green section). However, those are only available for the continental U.S. If you'd like to obtain other LULC data, you can get those from the NLCD Database. The instructions listed in the section of the Users' Guide (that you linked) should tell you how to obtain the data and how to process it.

If you use MODIS as your default, the extra urban fields are not included, which is why you would need to obtain the extra fields with NLCD data. You then would modify the METGRID.TBL (as is discussed in the Users' Guide.

If you still have trouble interpreting the data, it may be best to see if the NLCD site has some guidance and/or support contact. Unfortunately our group does not have expertise with the specifics of the data.