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updating land use

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Hi all,
I've updated the land use data of WRF using this dataset:!/dataset/satellite-land-cover?tab=overview
To do it, I used GDAL and convert_geotiff tools, and apparently everything went well (I am attaching the index file and a figure of my domain using the WRF default (with MODIFIED_IGBP_MODIS_NOAH) and the updating, as an illustration).
However, for some reason that I couldnt figure out yet, when I adopted the new configuration, the global attributes of my geogrid netcdf files assume the USGS mode (I am attaching the default and update nameltists, and what I got from the netcdf files). All the steps of wrf work fine, I also got the message 'SUCCESS COMPLETE WRF' from wrf.exe, however I would like to sort out this inconsistency.
Thank you in advance for your help


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The WPS version is 4.1.
By the way, I run some tests, and the problem doesn't appear when I use the default mode for the parent domain (D01), and the updating for D02 and D03.