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updating User Guide v4.4


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Dear WRF developers

As I previously posted here that I was encountering an issue as the default data type in WRF version 4.4.1 is MODIFIED_IGBP_MODIS_NOAH. However, in WRF user guide Chapter 3 The following line exists which is confusing

33. MMINLU : A character string, enclosed in quotation marks ("), indicating which section of WRF's LANDUSE.TBL and VEGPARM.TBL will be used when looking up parameters for land use categories. Default value is "USGS".

Is this not updated in the latest user guide or I missed something ?
MMINLU is determined based on the static input data. If you run with USGS, then MMINLU = "USGS"; if you run with MODIS input data, then MMINLU = "MODIFIED_IGBP_MODIS_NOAH". The 'default' value doesn't really matter because it will be changed depending on the static input used in Geogrid.

Hope I answer your question. Please let me know if you still feel confused about this issue.