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(urgent) wrf fire ideal case

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I have compile WRF real case in the following directroy

Now I am trying to compile a idea fire case in the following directory

My environment variable
export DIR=/home/oem/BUILD_WRF/LIBRARIES
export CC=gcc
export CXX=g++
export FC=gfortran
export FCFLAGS=-m64
export F77=gfortran
export FFLAGS=-m64
export JASPERLIB=$DIR/grib2/lib
export JASPERINC=$DIR/grib2/include
export LDFLAGS=-L$DIR/grib2/lib
export CPPFLAGS=-I$DIR/grib2/include
export PATH=$DIR/netcdf/bin:$PATH
export NETCDF=$DIR/netcdf
export PATH=$DIR/mpich/bin:$PATH
export WRF_DIR=/home/oem/WRF-4.2.1

with this above environment my real cases are running fine. but while compiling ideal fire case in separate directory I got errors.
configure and log files are attached below.
Kindly provide me with some solutions.


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  • configure.wrf
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I apologize that this post got overlooked. I don't even have an email for this one, so I'm not sure what happened.

Are you still experiencing the problem? Did you recently build the em_real code, or did you build that a while back, and are now trying to build em_fire? If so, then it's possible some of the libraries have been updated on your system - newer versions, locations, etc. I would first check that the environment is still set up correctly by running through these tests.

If that doesn't help, then try to recompile the code with only a single processor (the default is 2).
./clean -a
./compile em_fire -j 1 >& log.compile
and when that fails, send the new compile log and configure.wrf file.
I am still working on it. I have tested environment. It is all ok. I have removed WRF_DIR from environment set up.
and try to run as per your suggestion but I got error.
I have tried to compile in serial mode (32) with nest=0 (n_0) and 1
I have attached configure and log file for both cases. for nesting=0 file is name with n_0


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I'd first like to apologize again for the delay in response. Our team took a couple of weeks off for the holidays and are just now getting caught up again.

Can you try something>
1) Issue a ‘clean -a’, then reconfigure. Go into your configure.wrf file and look for this line:

FC = time $(DM_FC)

Try to just remove the ‘time’ part of that line. so that it reads

FC = $(DM_FC)

and then save the file. After that, recompile and see if there is any difference. Thanks!

P.S. - I removed your question about ARWpost since this section of the forum is not related to ARWpost. I also saw that you posted in the correct section for that, so we will attempt to help with that problem in that separate post.
I follow your suggestion but it still doesn't work.
Here below I have attached configure and compile file

kindly suggest.


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