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Using different model versions to complete simulations



I began simulating using MPASv5.1 on Cheyenne. Unfortunately, I was unable to complete the runs before the transition to Derecho. Now that I am on the new system, it seems cisl and I can only get the latest version of MPAS (v8) to compile successfully. Given the changes in MPAS from version 5 to 8, such as updated physics schemes to match the latest WRF releases or changes to the model's dynamics, can I finish my runs with the new version and justify using the resulting output? Or are the differences in model versions too great?

Both versions of MPAS yield reasonable simulations. However, updates in the newer version definitely lead to differences/ improvement in the results. I am concerned that paper reviewers may raise questions regarding different versions you use.
For this reason, I would suggest you stay with the same version. Is it possible you rerun those cheyenne simulations in derecho?
I share the same concern. But no, I dont have the allocation hours required to re-run the simulations. Are you aware of any MPASv5.1 created/working on Derecho?
We compile/run newer versions of MPAS (after MPASv8.0) in derecho. Because of the software update, we did have some issues to compile MPASv5.1 in derecho and it is not our top priority to address problems related to this old version. I apologize for the inconvenience caused by this.