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Using GFS files with hourly and 3 hours intervals

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I want to run a 10-days simulation. As input data for ungrib program I'm using GFS. For such a long period, there aren't gfs files at hourly interval. I downloaded gfs every hour for the first five days, and for the other five I got gfs at 3-hour interval.
I wanted to know if it was a problem when running ungrib, but it worked fine. I assume ungrib program interpolates the missing hours with the other files, but I wanted to know it for sure in case it could affect wrf outcome.
That is correct. If you set interval_seconds = 3600, ungrib will perform temporal interpolation to create a file for every hour. Prior to running real.exe and wrf.exe, you can again set interval_seconds=3600 in namelist.input and it shouldn't be a problem.