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Using multiple Nodes with mpirun -np 16 ./wrf.exe command

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New member
Dear All,

I am a new user of WRF-chem model and currently exploring the computational feasibility of my simulations.
I have the following queries about running the model on an HPC cluster and I will be very thankful if you can help me.

1. Is it possible to run WRF-chem with multiple nodes as in
mpirun -np 48 -N 24 ./wrf.exe
Note- I have complied chem code using dmpar mode
I tried the above and it gave me error.

2. Do I need to also specify memory used for the node for running the model????

3. How can I optimize the model while compiling and configuring the wrf-chem code?

Please help!

Please see my answers below to your questions:
(1) You need to run WRF with multiple nodes, i.e.,
mpirun -n 24 ./wrf.exe
Please consult your computer manage fr correct command stye (different machines might be different)
(2) You don't need to specify memory for each node
(3) You can always compile WRF in damper mode. As for the optimization of the model run, usually we recommend each processor cover about 20-30 grids. Note that more processors don't necessarily mean faster running speed, because the communication between processors does take time.

If you have questions related to wrf-chem in the future, please post to the chemistry forum.