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Using My Own Topography and Land Use for Ideal LES Case

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My name is Daniela. I have some experience in running WRF for real cases. I am recently exploring simulations for ideal cases, especially EM_LES cases. I would like to run an experiment that considers a couple of mesoscale simulations and use the outputs as initial conditions for the WRF-LES.
For the moment I would like to be clear about the use of the latter using my own topography and land use but I still cannot understand how to make that change. Would you be kind enough to explain how to do it?

I thank you in advance.

My best regards
Hi Daniela,
I moved this to its own topic, as you're not getting an error like the other topic. As for your question, we don't have any guidelines on modifying ideal cases to use real topography and landuse. If you're just wanting to modify the current domain, you could take a look at the dyn_em/module_initialize_ideal.F file and look at the example for the seabreeze2d_x case to see how things like landuse type, surface temp, etc. are set. If you're wanting to set up this domain on a real map, that could be much trickier, and it may be easier to simply use some LES settings for a real-data case, instead of ideal. If you're interested in reading more about real-data LES setups, take a look at this presentation.