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Can you help me find where USTAR is calculated?(I am using MYJSFC surface scheme.
Because in the MODULE_SF_MYJSFC it is taken from somewhere.
If you set isfflx = 1 or 2, then ustar will be calculated in sfclay routine. If isfflx = 0, ustar will not be calculated.
I ahve isfflx set to 1 so according to you the USTAR is calculated in sfclay routine, which in my setup is myjsfc. From where then is the USTAR value taken in module_sf_myjsfc?
Dear 21marta

Hi, I was struggling with the similar problem, when using WRFv3.8.1.
But Ming Chen provided me a revised driver file, which enables to use Ustar calculated in sfclay routine.

After checking the difference of driver file between WRFv3.8.1 and WRFv4.0.2, I found that the mechanism had been incorporated into WRFv4.

So I guess you are using WRFv3.
Following URL shows the detail.

I am happy if it makes sense.