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variable data extraction for specific location using tslist

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I am using WRF with vortex following compilation option to study a hurricane's path.
I need to have precipitation, pressure, temperature data for some specific location for my total simulation run (better to be in txt file).
So, I created tslist in my run directory and put 2 location which is covered by my simulation domain.
Problem is, if I run wrf.exe, there supposed to be two file generated as mia.TS & tam.TS but my simulation isn't generating any .TS file during or after run. I am not sure what is causing the problem. Is it due to vortex following compilation or I need to modify my namelist.input to enable tslist in some way? Any feedback will be a great help. PF below my tslist. Or if any you have other suggestions about how to extract those variable data, please suggest me.

# 24 characters for name | pfx | LAT | LON |
miami mia 25.72 -80.36
tampa tam 28.07 -82.38
The tslist code is very picky when it comes to the format of the file 'tslist.' If the one you pasted in your inquiry is exactly how yours looks, it is likely unhappy with it. I'm going to attach a tslist that should work, but is for a different area. Try to start from this one, making modifications to it for your particular run. Make sure to keep the information in the columns as it is in this example. Let me know if that helps.


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