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variables of SLAB land surface scheme


New member
I'm working on understand how SLAB land surface scheme calculate TSK(surface skin temperature). After reading module_sf_slab.F, I found the equations are TSKX=TG0(I)+DELTSM*DTHGDT(I) !-- DELTSM time step (second); DTHGDT(I)=(RNET(I)-QS(I))/CAPG(I)-HM(I); HM(I)=1.18*EOMEG*(TG0(I)-TMN(I)). I already know that RNET represents net radiation flux at ground surface, QS(I) means heat flux at the surface, CAPG(I) is heat capacity for soil, so what is HM(I)? What is the prototype of DTHGDT(I) and HM(I) formulas? Now I can't find corresponding content in references (Dudhia, Jimy, 1996: A multi-layer soil temperature model for MM5.) of SLAB land surface scheme.
Any help will be appreciated!