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Variance of Subgrid Scale Orography reference


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I'm trying to track what digital elevation model is used to calculate the static field "VAR_SSO" of the WPS v3 static fields (WRF Download).

Based on this post in the forum (References for geogrid static data) I guess it is USGS GTOPO30 but I just wanted to be sure that the topography reference include the VAR_SSO field.

Thank you in advance,

VARSSO is independently calculated based on topography data of different resolution. Currently WPS Geostatic provides several varsso datasets of different resolutions, i.e., varsso_10m, varsso_2m, varsso_5m etc. Note that topography reference doesn't include varsso data.

could you please provide reference for the original topographic data on which the calculation of VAR_SSO is based? In particular I am interested in what the spatial resolution of the source topographic dataset is.

Thank you