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Verticle grid resolution in WRF model.

G.Sai krishna

New member
how to know the grid size in z direction. Only number of levels in verticle direction is asked in namelist.input, how to know size of each level.
Whats the difference between e_vert and num_metgrid_levels.
In wrfinput and wrfout files, you can find

float PH(Time, bottom_top_stag, south_north, west_east) ;

PH:FieldType = 104 ;

PH:MemoryOrder = "XYZ" ;

PH:description = "perturbation geopotential" ;

PH:units = "m2 s-2" ;

PH:stagger = "Z" ;

PH:coordinates = "XLONG XLAT XTIME" ;

float PHB(Time, bottom_top_stag, south_north, west_east) ;

PHB:FieldType = 104 ;

PHB:MemoryOrder = "XYZ" ;

PHB:description = "base-state geopotential" ;

PHB:units = "m2 s-2" ;

PHB:stagger = "Z" ;

PHB:coordinates = "XLONG XLAT XTIME" ;

PH + PHB is geopotential at each model level, which can be used to derive the layer depth. Is this what you are looking for?