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Vortex-Following with 2 moving nests: the error of the SST in the moving domain.

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I am trying to run a WRF simulation with a moving inner nest and with time-varying SST. Because the inner nest moves, I have input_from_file (namelist.input, &time_control) set to FALSE for it, so that the moving nest will update itself based on the parent grid.

However, when the nested region starts to move, the sst in nested domain is different from the d01 region.
I don't know what the problem is. My namelist.input file is attached.
Thanks very much,



  • namelist.input
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Hi Smith,
When you say the SST value is different after the nest starts to move, are you comparing two overlapping grid points? When feedback is initiated, it takes the values of all the grids in d02 that lie within a single parent grid, averages them, and then sends that value back to the parent grid in that one location. So I wouldn't expect the values to be identical. Are you seeing large differences?

I also would suggest that you set radt = 27,27. You don't need to set this differently for the nest. I don't think this is related to what you're seeing, but I just wanted to point that out.