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Vortex-Following with 2 moving nests

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yes it works. In this case, the initial vortex should be contained in the innermost domain, which will move following the vortex. Once it reaches the boundary of its parent domain (D02), then D02 will start moving.

Is there any special reason you want to run triply-nested moving case? I would say this will add extra complexity. If possible, probably you can start from two-domain nesting?
My initial thought was to keep grid ratios of 1:3 for each nest. To have a 3km innermost domain and have a decently sized outermost domain, I felt that having 3 domains would give the best arrangement. We run a 2x daily wrf run for our webpage over our local area, using 3 domains successfully, so figured the same system would work for a hurricane.

I am planning on trying a 1:9 grid ratio with only 2 domains - outer at 27 km and inner then at 3 km. It wasn't clear to me that 2-way interaction would work with 1:9 grid ratios.

But thank you for the information that domain 2 would begin to move once the vortex reached the edge of that domain. I was only trying short runs initially and the inner moving domain hadn't reached the edge yet.


Although the ratio of 1:9 works theoretically, I think it is too large. Can you run a 9km-3km nested cases? Many large scale forcing data are in quarter degree resolution, which makes it practical to run 9km-3km.
This is just my suggestion. You definitely can choose whatever is appropriate for your case.
That's a good thought. I will try that. I am using gfs analysis fields for the IC/BC and they seem to be good.
I don't want to use forecast fields as this was a case when all the major models (GFS, ECMWF, CMC, UKMET) had very poor performances.
But from the analysis fields the 9 km/3 km domains should work well.