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Warning in Restart Run


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Hi, everyone!
I conducted a one-month simulation from 2020052000-2020070100 using WRF-V4.2. The first 10 days were regarded as spin up time. The WPS and real procedure were done before running the WRF.
I set the resart interval of 4 days. The nearest restart time was 2020-06-01_00:00:00.The wrf procedure was running normally without errors and the wrfout and wrfrst files seemed to be normal. Due to the insufficient storage, I deleted all the files of wrfout_d01_2020-05-20_00:00:00 - wrfoutd01_2020-05-30_00:00:00.
But when I checked the rsl.out file, there existed errors and warnings as follows:
Finally I killed the job, and checked the time series of the wrfbdy and wrflowinp. The time coverage was not the same for the wrfbdy and wrflowinp.
I wonder why did the above issues happen and how can I solve it? Did it related to the inconsistent time series of the wrfbdy and wrflowinp?
Attched are the namelist.input, namelist.wps, rsl.out.0000, rsl.out.0001 and rsl.error.0001
Thank you for any generous help!


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I wonder whether this is standard WRF-ARW release?
Usually the warning message related to netCDF doesn't really matter if the case can run successfully. However, I have never seen messages shown inn your case.
Thank you !
Attached are the configure.wrf and log.compile.
The warning may be related to the inconsistency of the history_interval (1h) and the interval of wrfbdy and wrflowinp (6h) files.
But I have no ideas of the error messages. May be it is related to the deleted files of wrfout_d01_2020-05-20_00:00:00 - wrfoutd01_2020-05-30_00:00:00?


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