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what do the variables in wrfout files mean?


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hello, wrf forum

I am learning to use WRF for research. but I am not sure what the variables in wrfout files mean.
for example, I am not quite sure what the TRAD variable means which has a simple description: surface radiative temperature (K).

Are there some documents/references that can explain what those variables mean in detail?

To understand the variables in WRF, one needs to understand the physics and dynamics of WRF. You can find description of WRF dynamics in the document her:

References for various physics schemes are provides at:

A brief description of state variables used in WF can be found in Registry/Rgistry.EM_COMMON
THANKS Ming, those documents help a lot.

By the way, it would be great if a more detailed description table(like Registry/Rgistry.EM_COMMON) can be produced.