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What GFS parameters are required for WRF surface forcasting?


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I'm running a triple nested real time forcast model (1km, 3km and 9km) with approx 100 x 100 grid domains from GFS input data at 0.25 degree resolution. I'm intersted in surface variables - mainly wind speed and direction, wind gusts, and MSLP. Also rain and cloud cover but that's not so important.

I'm currently downloading all prameters from the GFS as input data but is this neccesary? What variables are essential for these surface forcasts? Can I trim some out if they aren't essential for accuracy? I'm about to start downloading the global GFS instead of a subset, as suggested here by the very helpfull support staff, so any reduction in download size will be helpfull if its not a neccesity.

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This document lists all required variables for running WRF. You need to download these GFS variables to create initial and boundary conditions for WRF.