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What is the most reliable way to inject WUDAPT data?

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Yichen Yang

New member
Hi all,

I'm trying to modify the land use in my domain with urban information from WUDAPT data. My study area is out of the US so I guess I have to use WUDAPT instead of using the binary NUDAPT data.

My general questions is, what might be the most reliable way to inject WUDAPT data so the LU_INDEX (and LANDUSEF, etc.) can be modified correctly to be ingested by metgrid and processed by wrf?

I learned that the WUDAPT portal now provides a new python package (W2W; to do so. It modifies the geo_em directly so the binary input of LCZ is not required. However, my practices were not successful. The outputs from this package ran into a problem when being processed by metgrid. The error message is "ERROR: In read_next_field(), problems with ext_pkg_get_var_info()". It seems to me that those NC files were not modified to a correct form that metgrid can process.

In terms of this topic, I suppose that most people are still using the WUDAPT data as binary files, then having the geogrid read the data just like using NUDAPT. For this, what would be the correct workflow? How to make a geotiff of LCZ a binary file for WPS process? I'm using WPS and WRF V4.3.

Thank you!
I'm sorry that we don't have many experiences using the WUDAPT data. Please contact and see whether you can get some help.