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What parameters are essential, in namelist.input, for real.exe?

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I want to execute wrf.exe by changing some parameters in the namelist.input file, and not running real.exe again. I did that once, but of course it's not ideal, and I should've run both executables (wrf and real). It would be usefull to know what parameters are actually essential for the execution of real.exe and wouldn't really affect wrf.exe (or is it impossible and a namelist should be allways the same for both?). In my case, I want to change some parameters in the &physics section or in the &fdda section from one run to another.

(To give a little more context, it is quite time consuming to transfer big data generated from real.exe like wrfdda_d01, wrfbdy_d01 (and so on...) to a server of a super computer of my university, every time I do these little changes in a simulation/forecast that.)

Thank you for your attention!

Hi Nuno,
We used to say that the only reason you would need to re-run real.exe is if you are modifying the date/time, domain size, location, quantity, input data, and/or the land surface model option (sf_surface_physics). There has been debate recently about whether it should be re-run for any physics changes, and we've started telling users to re-run real if they modify the physics. I suppose you could do a test with maybe a smaller/shorter case to see if it makes a difference in the files when modifying the physics options you'd like to change. The same would apply to fdda, I suppose.