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What static files do I need more?

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I have downloaded and high Resolution GEOG file and run the ./geogrid.exe successfully. I don't have any problem till now.

the real question is what is WPS Geographical Input Data Mandatory for Specific Applications ?
When I want to use
Thompson MP Scheme (mp_physics=28)
, Do I need to download these tar files ?

I actually downloaded and extracted into WPS_GEOG folder. Then I tried to run ./geogrid.exe after I got error blow
Parsed 49 entries in GEOGRID.TBL
Processing domain 1 of 1
ERROR: Could not open /delta/home/jeevan/new_wrf/WPS/WPS_GEOG/topo_gmted2010_30s/index

Thank you in advance for your patient answers :)
If you are able to run geogrid successfully, I suppose you are fine with the static data.
To run the option mp_physics=28, you will need aerosol data as input. Please take a look at the website here:
You can find the link to download the data in this website. Instructions how to use mp_physics = 28 is also introduced.