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When I set mp_physics=40, an error has occurred.

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Hello Sir / Madam,

When I set mp_physics=40 to study ACI(Aerosol-Cloud-Interaction), an error has occurred:
ERROR: wet scavenging option requires mp_phys = 2 (Lin et al.) or 10 (Morrison) or 11 (CAMMGMP) or 17/18/22 NSSL_2mom to function.
But if I turn off wet scavenging, this simulation does not seem to be a complete ACI.
What can I do to solve this problem?

As shown in the error message, wet scavenging option only works with mp_phys = 2 (Lin et al.) or 10 (Morrison) or 11 (CAMMGMP) or 17/18/22 NSSL_2mom. If you want it to work with mp_physics, you will need to modify the codes. I am not sure whether wrf-chem people has any intention to do so. Probably you can ask in the wrf_chem forum.