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When sf_ocean_physics = 1,the SST is a constant without changing


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Hello! I ran into problems when running the Marine module in wrf. I set the parameter sf_ocean_physics = 1 and changed the parameters of mixture layer thickness and temperature lapse rate (oml_hml0 and oml_gamma). However, it is a pity to find that sst does not change during operation. May I ask what causes this and is there any good solution?
Here are my namelist and rsl.error files.I'm sincerely hope your help.


  • namelist.input
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  • rsl.error.0000
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sf_ocean_physics = 1 activates a slab ocean model that doesn't really account for full ocean physics. Its calculation of TSK cannot be realistic over a longer period like 1-month.

For your case, Please turn off sf_ocean_physics and turn on sst_update.
First of all, I would like to explain that in namelist. input, we set run_ Day=7. Secondly, our experiment requires the use of a mixed layer model, so we must use an ocean model. In addition, we compared the TSK and TML parameters between different experiments and found that there were significant differences between them, but the actual HFX and LH parameters did not show any changes. That is to say, the drastic changes that occur in the ocean have not been fed back into the atmosphere. We would like to know what caused this, which is very important for our experiment. We look forward to your next reply!