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Where can I download the .tif format of 30 seconds MODIS 20 categories land use data in WPS geogrid?

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Jinlong Ma

New member
I want to compare the difference in land use data between 24 categories USGS and 20 categories MODIS land-use data. Now, I successfully download the USGS 24 categories data in .tif format from USGS official website. And then I try to search the 30 seconds 20 categories MODIS land-use data on the earthdata search website, but there is only 15 seconds 17 categories MODIS land-use data (MCD12Q1).

Also, I tried to transfer the binary data in WPS_GEO directory to .tif file. However, I failed to mosaic them together in ArcGIS.

Do you know where can I get the 20 categories MODIS land use data in .tif format? I will appreciate any comments on this post.
I am sorry to answer late, but this is because I was out of office last week.
Please take a look at the website:

You can download the MODIS 30s data from this website.