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which coordinate points to use in the tslist file for 2 nested domain

Hi, I am trying to create 2 domains for 2 different locations within one outer domain. (see picture)


I am using I and J coordinate values for the location in tslist file.

tslist and tslist_gridIJ are identical tslist_latlon
#-----------------------------------------------# #-----------------------------------------------#
# 24 characters for name | pfx | I | J | # 24 characters for name | pfx | LAT | LON |
#-----------------------------------------------# #-----------------------------------------------#

Moerdijk_Solar s_m00 228 124 Moerdijk_Solar moerd 58 45

For converting longitude and latitude to coordinate I am using wrf.ll_to_xy() function from the wrf-python library. This requires a netCDF file, lat, long as the input,
Previously When I was using only two domain (one inner and one outer) I was using the netCDF file of inner domain to get the I and j coordinates values.
But now I am confused as to which domain netCDF file should I use to get the I and J coordinates? outer? inner D2? inner D3?

Please help me with this. Thank you
Unfortunately our group does not maintain or support wrf-python, but based on your experience with only 2 domains, I believe you would need to find the i,j coordinates of both inner domains (d02 and d03). This may mean that you need additional lines in your tslist.