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Why does sstsk appear in the atmospheric model?

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I have a question about the sst_skin option.
I know to calculate sstsk if sst_skin = 1.
The data I am using is FNL data and not using ocean models.
Why can the sea surface temperature be calculated using only the atmospheric model?
Most atmospheric datasets (including GFS FNL) include an SST variable, but it is typically coarse and not updated as often. When you do not bring in some sort of additional higher-resolution SST data, the default GFS SST field will be used.
No, if you take a look at the code in phys/module_sf_sstskin.F you can see how this is calculated. I believe the paper I mentioned in a previous post to you (Zeng and Beljaars (2005)) should also have this information.

sstsk = ts + 273.15 (which is essentially a conversion from C to Kelvin)
ts = tb + dtw + dtc
tb = bulk temp
dtw = warm layer temp diff
dtc = cool skin temp diff