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why the H_DIABATIC(from microphysics) contains negative values?

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I want to estimate the heating profile, so I add up "RTHCUTEN" (from cumulus), "RTHRATLW" (from long-wave radiation), RTHRATSW" (from short-wave radiation), RTHBLTEN (from PBL parameterization), and H_DIABATIC (from microphysics) (RTHNDGDTEN, nudging is not applied in my em_real case), but I found the outputs of H_DIABATIC contain many negative values, I want to confirm that whether it is normal for a real case running? Thanks a lot.
This appears to be a WRF question, so I've moved it from the MPAS-Atmosphere section of the forum to the WRF Support section.
H_DIABATIC is latent heating from microphysics. It can be positive and negative, depending on the physics that is going on in microphysics scheme.