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WPS compiled with NO_GRIB2 option: which is its utility?


New member
I have a short question. I was compilling WPS, when I noticed that there is a NO_GRIB2 option. What does this mean? Can I use the WRF preprocessor as it is, with input files with a format other than GRIB2? I want to use netcdf files as input, and I've seen threads were people ask how to do that and the answer usually is that they need to convert netcdf files into GRIB2... so I assume that the answer to my question will be that WPS can not be used with netcdf files... Then what is the use of the NO_GRIB2 option?

Thanks in advance :).
Hi Natalia,
The "NO_GRIB2" option applies to those who will only be using GRIB1 input. GRIB2 requires additional libraries to run, so if you knew you were only going to use GRIB1 and wanted to skip installing those libraries, you could choose that option. It's almost an irrelevant option these days, though. If you want to use NetCDF data, you don't have to convert those to GRIB files - you just need to convert them to intermediate file format, which is the format expected by the metgrid program. You can read a little more about that here.