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WPS configuration issue with IBM server

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I am using IBM server with architecture-ppc64le. While WRF configuration i dint have any issues, but while installing WPS i get just four options for configure.
Will use NETCDF in dir: /home/forecast/WRF/Library
Using WRF I/O library in WRF build identified by $WRF_DIR: /home/forecast/WRF/WRF-4.1.2
Found Jasper environment variables for GRIB2 support...
$JASPERLIB = /home/forecast/WRF/Library/lib
$JASPERINC = /home/forecast/WRF/Library/include
Please select from among the following supported platforms.

1. Linux ppc64le POWER Linux, XL compiler (serial)
2. Linux ppc64le POWER Linux, XL compiler (serial_NO_GRIB2)
3. Linux ppc64le POWER Linux, XL compiler (dmpar)
4. Linux ppc64le POWER Linux, XL compiler (dmpar_NO_GRIB2)
I don't see that particular configuration in the arch/configuration.defaults file. If you know a bit about your system, you can take a look at that file and see if there is a configuration that may be similar. If so, use the similar configuration as a template to add a new section specific to your machine to the configuration.defaults file. Once you do that, save the file, clean -a, and then reconfigure and see if that helps. If not, let us know and I'll contact one of our software engineers to see if they can help.
I have somehow created the .exe's using changes in configuration.wps files. But now while installing ARWpost i just get 1-0 options.
I'm glad you were able to get it compiled. To help others out in the future, do you mind letting us know what changes you made to the configuration that allowed you to build the executables?

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The IBM server will have its own compilers for executing fortran. The compilers was edited in the configure.wps from XL fortran to gfortran.