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WPS ungrib ECMWF high resolution forecast data


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I would like to ask for help, regarding some problems I'm encountering when trying to run WRF with ECMWF IFS forecast data.

I have obtained the ECMWF research license, which gives me access to their MARS archive now. I downloaded all the required parameters of the "ECMWF-high resolution (9km) - atmospheric model-operational-forecast" surface data, all stored in one grib file. However when trying to ungrib the file I get a strange error (see attachment). However, when I try to ungrib ECMWF data with a lower resolution, there seems te be no problem. Can you explain what causes this problem and if I can solve it?

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Can you share your ECMWF data file, as well as the Vtable you're using for this? If the file is too large, see the home page of this forum for instructions for sharing large files.