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WRF 3.7.1 Error when nesting

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I am running Polar WRF 3.7.1. I understand that this is help for regular WRF and was hoping someone could lead me in the right direction in determining what the error I’m getting means. I am running with ECMWF Era Interim data as my initial and boundary conditions. I have one nest and everything works successfully up until I try to run wrf.exe. I have been able to run Polar WRF without nesting in the past. I am running this on the cluster at my university but am not running it on multiple nodes or in parallel in any way.

The error I'm getting printed in the rsl.error.0000 after running wrf.exe is:

DYNAMICS OPTION: Eulerian Mass Coordinate
   alloc_space_field: domain             1 ,                 343580456  bytes allocated
PGFIO-F-220/internal list-directed write/internal file/write after last internal record.
 In source file mediation_wrfmain.f90, at line number 237

I have attached my rsl.error.0000 after running wrf.exe. I have also attached both my namelist.wps and my namelist.input. Any direction would be extremely helpful.

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  • namelist.input.txt
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  • namelist.wps.txt
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I first would like to apologize for the long delay in response. It seems as though this must have been overlooked by the person responsible for this section. Are you still experiencing problems with this?

If so, you said that you're not running this in parallel, but you have an rsl.* file. I do see that you are only using 1 processor, but those files are only produced when running this in parallel mode, so I'm a bit confused by that statement.

1) The fact that this stops immediately typically indicates a problem with the input data. I'd take a look at that and make sure that everything looks okay - no missing values or NaN's anywhere (at all levels).
2) The error says there is a problem in the file mediation_wrfmain.f90, at line number 237. That file should be in your WRF/share/ directory. Take a look to see what that line number is showing, to see if that gives any indication.
3) If that's not helpful, unfortunately, this error log doesn't really give much information, so you will likely need to do some debugging. There are a couple of ways you can do this:

a) recompile with ./configure -D (must compile serially). Then run gnu debugger:
gdb wrf.exe
When prompted, enter: run
Should stop right on the line that is causing the error.
Type list to get it to list more information.
Type: quit
when you are done

b) recompile with ./configure -d (can be parallel). Then edit this line in the configure file:
FCDEBUG = -g $(FCNOOPT) -fcheck=all #
just to make sure "-g $(FCNOOPT) -fcheck=all" is not commented out.
Recompile, and errors should print in error log