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WRF-4.1 segmentation fault in registry.exe

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I am trying to compile WRF-4.1in CYGWIN under Windows 10. I installed the most recent entire cygwin package and libraries all found.There are no errors/warnings until it get to registry.c where warnings about, but I have seen this before and appears not to be an issue. In my 20 years using WRF I have never seen registry.exe have a segmentation fault, but when it is invoked on this setup it does. I have configure.defaults where I added a section for CYGWIN_NT, i86_64, gfortran. Because it segmentatioon faults it does not create a complete Registry. Also subsequent modules, for example module_state_description etc do not get built. I also included the configure.wrf, compiler output, and environment.



  • compilelog.wrf
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  • confgire_defaults.wrf
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Hi Joe,
In the past when you have compiled WRF, have you been doing this on a Windows machine? We don't really support WRF on Windows machines because there can be so many environment settings overriding others between the Windows and Linux-type environments.

I have compiled in this environment in the past. I am at the point where I will just setup a linux only box.