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WRF and IEVA and adaptive time-stepping


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Dear WRF community,

I want to use the IEVA time-stepping scheme together with the adaptive time-stepping feature in WRF-ARW. Could you please let me know if this works together?

In my first tests it seems to run fine, but I am not sure if the IEVA was meant to be running together with adaptive time-stepping. The IEVA outputs the initial time step at the beginning and indicates that it calculates some parameters from this. So, if these parameters are not updated every time-step, they might not adjust to the adaptive time step.

Best Regards,
Theoretically I believe the two options should be able to work together. Note that when IEVA is turned on, the small time step still depends on time_step (specified in namelist.input).
And if time_step is adjusted ( in the case with adaptive_time_step on), then dts will change accordingiy.
( dts = grid%dt/float(num_sound_steps))