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WRF Baroclinic Ideal case adapt it to the tropics


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I've been working with the WRF baroclinic ideal case. I do have a code that creates the jet input, and with that code, I have the freedom to create a thermal wind balance. This has been used successfully for mid-latitudes. Now I'm using this code to adapt it to the tropics. Instead of using f-plane of 1x10-4, I change it to 1x10-5. I remove the temp gradient from the initial conditions, use the following schemes mp_physics scheme=8, bl_pbl_physics =1, cu_physics=0, ra_lw_physics =1, ra_sw_physics =4, no_mp_heating=0,
isfflx=1, icloud=1. But after 20 days, the simulation keeps generating a strong temp gradient in the domain and strong jet, which is not characteristic of the tropics. I think my question is, what details I'm missing from the setting of the simulation? Is it still possible to generate tropical waves by creating initial conditions of the tropics and running this idealized simulation? I understand that the jet_input file can't be edited, but I'm not using that input.
Apologies for the long delay in response. I was out of the office for the past 2.5 weeks. Thank you for your patience.

Make sure the temperature gradient is also removed from the surface. If you don't want the jet or gradients, it may be better to start with a different case like em_convrad and make it channel boundary conditions. The tropics have no important gradients to impose.