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WRF-Chem in OFFLINE mode

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Georgii Nerobelov

New member
Dear Sir/Madam,

I`m working on simulation of spatio-temporal distribution of CO2 using the last version of WRF-Chem with chemistry option "16" (for CO2 transport). Everything is okay except for speed of computation - one model month is equal to 5-7 real days. Since CO2 is inert gas with several years of residence time in the atmosphere it is appropriate (I assume) to calculate meteorology and chemistry transport separately. What I want is to simulate meteorological conditions for the specific period once and to provide after that simulations on CO2 transport under different conditions (different magnitude of sources and sinks, different number of sources and sinks, etc.).
So, I wonder if there is such possibility to use WRF-Chem in OFFLINE mode or, probably, to use other offline chemistry transport models (which can treat CO2) driven by WRF-Chem meteorology.

I appreciate any help. :geek:

Georgy Nerobelov.
I am not a wrf-chem expert. I only have some experiences working with CMAQ and SMOKE.
Based on my understanding of wrf-chem, I don't think it can work in off-line mode.However, wrf-chem output should be able to serve as meteorological driving fields for other chemical models, just like WRF output can be used to drive CMAQ.
We have a specific forum for wrf-chem. Please post your wrf-chem questions there: