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Wrf compile error in vortex flow

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I have tried to compile wrf for vortex following
but I am not able to get executables.
Here before I have compiled wrf with basic option and it have worked properly.
Do I need to compile WPS also ?
Here I have attached configure (WRF) and log file of compilation.


  • configure.wrf
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  • log.txt
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Have you tried to compile Basic WRF recently? Is it possible that anything has changed in your environment (e.g., updated libraries, compilers, paths, etc.)? If it's been a while since you compiled the basic version, will you try that again now to see if you get the same problem?

For vortex-following, yes, you will need to have WPS compiled, as well.
Once you figure out if this same error happens with a basic WRF compile, I would like you to try something. First I want to know which type of Linux you are using. Please issue the following:
cat /etc/os-release >& linux.txt
I'm also attaching a script that I want you to put in your WRF/external/esmf_time_f90 directory and then execute it. Do not attempt to clean the WRF code or anything before issuing it. Just leave it as-is and send the output from that script, along with the linux.txt file you created in the step before. Thanks!


  • wrf_compile_script.csh
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