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WRF Configuration

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New member
Hi dear users
Recently, I try to configure WRF but I face with the following error that I could not continue.

Error: No environment variable NETCDF set. Stopping.

Could you please help me? I really need to solve it quickly.
I installed zlib, hdf5, mpc, mpfr, openmpi, netcdf, netcdf-fortran in advance.
thank you.
Did you set your NETCDF path, and also put the installed NetCDF in your PATH environment? Take a look at this page:
Perhaps if you follow the instructions there, it will help you to ensure that you have everything installed correctly.
:arrow: Thanks a lot, the main problem was about NetCDF path and libraries. I followed the command respectively but when I configured, this warning was shown:

Settings listed above are written to configure.wrf.
If you wish to change settings, please edit that file.
If you wish to change the default options, edit the file:
NetCDF users note:
This installation of NetCDF supports large file support. To DISABLE large file
support in NetCDF, set the environment variable WRFIO_NCD_NO_LARGE_FILE_SUPPORT
to 1 and run configure again. Set to any other value to avoid this message.
Testing for NetCDF, C and Fortran compiler

This installation of NetCDF is 64-bit
C compiler is 64-bit
Fortran compiler is 64-bit
It will build in 64-bit

************************** W A R N I N G ************************************

There are some Fortran 2003 features in WRF that your compiler does not recognize
The IEEE signaling call has been removed. That may not be enough.
This build of WRF will use classic (non-compressed) NETCDF format

:arrow: however, I run all the steps this error was appeared during compiling the model:
error: ---> Problems building executables, look for errors in the build log <---

Thank you for your help.
Can you attach your configure.wrf file, along with your compile log so that I can take a look? Thanks!