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WRF Environment Setup Error.

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Hello, recently I've been running WRF and have had to recompile but now I have noticed a steep drop off in how long every time step takes. I was hoping someone well versed in WRF could just give me a sanity check for my environment setup.

For context I've been running Idealized cases,and I've left every the simulation and domain the same.

Attached are my configuration and compilation logs.



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Hi Jesse,
1) I assume that when you say you've seen slower runs, this is following the new compile vs. the old compile?
2) Did your system change between compiles?
3) Are there updated libraries or compilers used between compiles?
4) Are you using the same amount of processors for these runs?
Hi, sorry for the lack of info.

Yes, my runs are now slower because of the new compile vs the old one. I haven't changed systems, but my NETCDF installation was updated. And I've been keeping the processors the same for testing purposes.
Hmm. I wouldn't think a different version of NetCDF should be causing that. Unfortunately there isn't a lot we can suggest, as it seems to be related to your system and the compile update. If you haven't changed anything else since then, then it doesn't seem that you're suddenly doing anything wrong. I don't suppose you still have the configure.wrf file from your previous compile? If you didn't newly recompile more than once, then it's possible you have a file called "configure.wrf.backup" that would be the older file. If so, can you attach that. I'll just take a look and see if anything stands out, but I'm not hopeful.
I'll consult with my system admins then. I think the original backup is probably long gone by now. I'll post whatever problem we find and the possible solution.