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WRF Error: In source file module_date_time.f90, at line number 777

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I am getting an error in my WRF simulation I do not understand. The error is:

dFIO-F-231/formatted read/internal file/error on data conversion. In source file module_date_time.f90, at line number 777

I am examining my namelist and associated REAL run and this looks ok. The WRF run continues just about to the end and stops with this error.

Does anyone have an idea what could be causing this and how to resolve?

Thank you very much your help.
I am not sure of the version you are running. Please look at the code "./share/module_date_time.f90", and find line 777. Probably you can get some idea what is wring. In the code of WRFV4.3, this line is:

READ(str,33) yr,mm,dd,h,m,s

It simply reads some date string and involves no physics/dynamics.
Does this error occur immediately after wrf.exe starts? Which version of WRF did you run?
Please send me your namelist to take a look.
Hi Ming, sorry for my late reply. I am running WRF version 4. I have run days set intentionally to 40 which runs past the data period covered by REAL. Note my runs are broken up into 5 day periods. In the namelist I have the start and end times consistent with REAL for each 5 day period. I was able to get the run to complete successfully by using run_hours set exactly to the number of hours in REAL. I have not run into this issue before. Thanks for your help - Al