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WRF Error: In source file module_date_time.f90, at line number 777


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Hi all,

Not sure if someone can help here. Trying to complete a wrf run but I get the error "module_date_time.f90, at line number 777". WRF doesn't run and stopped immediately on the first time step.

Note:last year I was able to run the model with no issues. Only the domain size has changed. I have attached the WPS and namelist.input. Dataset used is the ncar 83.2 6-hourly data


  • namelist (2).wps
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  • namelist (2).input
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Can you attach the error log(s) for this simulation? If you are running with multiple processors, you should have an rsl.error* and rsl.out* file for each processor. Please package all of those together into a single *.tar file and attach that. Thanks!