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WRF Errors


New member
I am trying to run WRF with GEFS data but I am getting this error
rsl.error.0360:forrtl: severe (174): SIGSEGV, segmentation fault occurred

Also I am getting many of these errors
rsl.error.0000: 1293 points exceeded cfl=2 in domain d01 at time 2005-01-07_00:00:00 hours

I appreciate any help..


  • namelist(1).input
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Your namelist.input looks fine to me except that the time step and radt are way too small. For a grid interval of 25km, time_step should be 150 and radt should be 25.
However, I don't think the smaller time step and radt are the reasons for the model crash at the first time step. This is more like that your input data is not correct.
Which version of WPS did you run? Where did you get the GEFS data?
Please take a look at the website here for possible GEFS issue.