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wrf.exe cannot stop after the coupled simulation is finished.


New member
I have been running a coupled WRF-CROCO-WWIII model on a supercomputer. We want to test the efficiency during the coupling time, so we activate the load balancing option in the OASIS3-MCT 5.0 to print out the time in the exchange of variables. However, when the "load balancing" option is activated, after the simulation is done, wrf.exe keeps running without any new outputs, that is to say, the computing nodes are still being occupied.

Does anyone meet with similar issue?
Apologies for the delay in response due to the holidays. Our team does not have any experience with coupling with CROCO and WWIII. I would suggest speaking to a systems administrator at your institution to see if they have thoughts about why this is happening. It's likely related to your specific environment.