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wrf.exe crushes

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I got a problem during running wrf.exe. I found the error was in rsl.error.0036: wrf.exe:40329 terminated with signal 11 at PC=3d630c4 SP=7ffdfcb67da0. Backtrace: ./wrf.exe[0x3d630c4]. I don't know what's going wrong. I have used the same configuration simulating from Jan,2017 to May,2017 successfully. I've attached the rsl files and name.input in rsl.tar. Could you help me solve it?


  • rsl.tar
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The error message doesn't give us helpful information.
Please recompile WRF in debug mode (i.e., ./clean -a and ./configure -d), then rerun this case. The debug option will show exactly where the model crashes. This will be helpful for us to trace the problems. Thanks.