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wrf.exe not continuing



I successfully ran 3 domains through 1 time step with the physics and dynamics turned off in order to check my domains. It took about 6 hours wall time to run.

Now, I have set my physics and dynamics and am trying to do my full simulation (24 hours, 4 time steps). I let the job run at our computing center for 30 hours wall time and it never got past the initial time. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. Did I set something up incorrectly in my namelist? I've attached my namelist.input.

This is the error in the WRFout file. It looks to me that it just says it ran out of time. I figure I've done something wrong it didn't finish 6 hours of simulation in 30 hours wall time.



  • namelist.input
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How many processors are you using to run this?
Is there a reason why you're only using a 6 second time step?
Thank you! Yes, I realized earlier this week that my time step was way too short. I had the units wrong. And yes, I've been in touch with my computing center on how to access more processors, nodes, and memory. Right now, the simulation runs for 6.5 hours and then becomes unstable. I'm going to continue working with the time step, w_damping, radt, cudt, etc. to get it working.