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./wrf.exe question

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2023xiaoli -a

New member
Hello, everyone. I have a problem. I'm running/ wrf. Exe, there is an error that can't be solved. I don't know if you know something about the solution. My error report is as follows. It will appear at last,your application terminated with the exit string :Terminated (signal 15)


  • _namelist.input.txt
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  • rsl.out.0000.txt
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Your namelist.inout indicates that this is a nested case. However, you only specify grid intervals for D0. Some other options are also not correct. For example, the following should be changed from
 dx                                  = 9000,
 dy                                  = 9000,
 parent_grid_ratio                   = 1,     5,    5,
 parent_time_step_ratio              = 1,     3,    3,
 dx                                  = 9000, 3000, 1000,
 dy                                  = 9000, 3000, 1000,
 parent_grid_ratio                   = 1,     3,    3,
 parent_time_step_ratio              = 1,     3,    3,

Please double check your options to make sure they are correctly specified, then rerun the case.