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wrf.exe run speed is very low

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Dear researchers,
I hope all of you doing very well. I have used two domains and spatial extent information of domains is d01 = 328x325, d02=486x126. I am running model for hourly 30 days run simulation.
I have run command wrf.exe from 11sep,2020 and it is running very slow according to me.
What is your opinion on it, weather it is running normal or not . how can i improve speed?

Note; Please find the run details in below attached !

In advance thank for your guidance!


  • wrf.exe run info.JPG
    wrf.exe run info.JPG
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  • WRF model details for Gwadar Node, Pakistan.pdf
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I've moved this topic to the wrf.exe section (as opposed to real.exe), as this is a wrf issue.
Can you attach your full namelist.input file, along with your output log (e.g., rsl.out.0000)? Thanks!